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All About Luna: Luna is a female and ABKC certified Pocket Bully of 2yrs.


Luna is a lilac Pocket Bully who stands at 13 from the withers.  Luna is a beautiful, loving and excitable playful dog.


Luna has allergies to anything poultry so she will need careful diet management, as she can be prone to bald patches and ear infections which are treated with shampoos and coconut oil when they occur.


Luna would be best as a sole dog as she likes all the attention to herself.

Due to a bite incident, Luna is looking for a new home without young children.


Luna can be a very nervous dog and is scared of new people, so takes time to forge new human friends but sometimes a biscuit (or two) helps speed up the process.

Luna is in the SWINTON, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 24.05.2024.

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