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ways to help OnThe Way Home


We would love to hear from you if you wish to volunteer. The more volunteers we have the more dogs we can care for and see on their way to a new forever home.   We would be interested in hearing from anyone who can help in any of the following ways...



Our fosterers are going to be vital to us and key to our success in helping as many dogs as possible but It is certainly not an easy role, far from it, as some dogs may have issues that they will need help to overcome.  That all said, fostering can be one of the most rewarding aspects of helping.


home checking

Don’t worry if you are unable to foster, home checks are crucially important also and we already rely heavily on established Facebook groups, so if this area of rescue work would interest you, these Groups will show you how and give full guidance on the right questions to ask and things to look out for. You will be able to 'shadow' a more experinced homechecker who will show you the ropes until you are ready and confident to go solo.



The Rescue always needs help with transporting dogs, either to collect, deliver, or do ‘vet runs’ and, again, we already call upon established Facebook groups to help us.  All you will need is a car and be prepared to give up some of your time.




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