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Cassie & Lurch

All About Cassie & Lurch: Cassie & Lurch are female and male, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Lurcher both of 4yrs.


Cassie & Lurch are looking for their new together as they love each other dearly. 

Both Cassie & Lurch like other dogs, Lurch wants to play straight away, whereas Cassie is a bit nervous at first but when she sees Lurch having a good time she likes to join in!

Both Cassie & Lurch love children especially Cassie.

Cassie & Lurch will chase cats if they see one, but they have lived with one.  They currently live with chickens so are used to them and happy around them.

Cassie & Lurch are in the SUNK ISLAND, Hull area.

Ad updated: 21.04.24

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