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All About Hugo: Hugo is a male American Bulldog of 5.5yrs.

Hugo has sadly been in kennels for some time now and still awaits his new home.  

Hugo is doing very well and proving to be a lovely boy but a little fearful of new people, however once he knows you are not going to hurt him, he becomes more comfortable and happy in your company.

Hugo does have a bite history and so he is looking for a new home where his family are experienced with the breed and there are no young children or other pets.  The circumstances behind the bite: he was being walked at night time and someone appeared suddenly and frightened him and so he nipped.

Hugo is a lovely boy but has his fears and does not like things going on behind him that he cannot see or any sudden movements, he is also head shy.

Hugo can be strong on the lead and so will need a family that is capable and willing to work with him on this.

Hugo will need a new family that will help boost his confidence and share a calm and happy environment for him to flourish.  

Hugo is in the PRESCOT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 01.01.24

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