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All About Alfie: Alfie is a male Jack Russell Terrier of 4yrs.

Alfie is a lovely boy and since arriving with us into foster Care he has made great improvements, although he can be a stubborn boy at times.  However, following a bite incident in a previous home, Alfie is looking for a home where there are no children.

Alfie is currently living with other dogs and is great with a female French Bulldog.


Alfie is an independent boy, and so does not want to be bothered by over-fussing and being handled too much but instead left to his own devises.

Alfie is looking for a quiet home, where there are not too many comings and goings of visitors and where there is routine and structure to his daily life.

Alfie's new family will need to have the time and patience for him and also able to be firm when needed.  Alfie's new family will need to be vastly experienced and be able to deal with dogs that need that extra time and care to become adjusted to new people and new environments, as mentioned, time, patience and understanding of a dog that has previously not been socialised with either people or other dogs.

Alfie is in the HYDE, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 06.06.23

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