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All About Reuben: Reuben is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, cross Boxer cross Shar Pei of 4.5years.

Reuben can be a nervous boy and has a bite history and so is looking for a new home without young children.

Reuben is very protective over his treats especially pigs ears.


Reuben is very good at listening and follows commands and so has great potential with the right family.

Ideally Reuben is looking for a home where there are no other dogs and where his needs can be concentrated upon.  Reuben can be reactive to other dogs on the walks, having previously been attacked by two other dogs, so further training and socialisation needed in this respect.  Reuben is muzzle trained.

Reuben can also be very reactive to men that come to his home and can be territorial.

Reuben is in the PRESCOT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 08.10.23,.

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