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All About Dixie: Dixie is a female Shar Pei cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 7yrs.

Dixie has proven she can live amongst dogs but she is a very dominant female and would either do well with a laid back male or as a sole dog.

Dixie is crate trained and can be left without destruction. 

Dixie can pull on the lead and bark at other dogs and has not been offlead due to her unpredictability with other dogs.

Dixie is used to living with older sensible children who do not bother her.

Dixie is not good with cats.

Dixie can be a wary when meeting new people but wants she gets to know you she is very loving.

Dixie likes to play ball and will happily throw the ball about by herself and she can get abit excitable at times and can jump up at people upon first seeing them.


Dixie is not a huge fan of being bathed or having her nails clipped but does like to be brushed. 

Dixie is in the STOKE -On- TRENT, Staffordshire area.

Ad updated: 26.10.20

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