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All About Fido: Fido is a male Cross Breed of approx 5yrs.

Fido was originally from Romania and has come a long way from his sad start in life: he was extremely fearful and a real bag of nerves.  Fido was particularly scared of big men with deep voices but he has slowly gained confidence in his new home and has become very affectionate, even enjoying cuddles with the man in the home. Fido has always favoured the woman of the home though and loved long country walks with her.  

Fido likes to stay quite close to his humans on walks and comes back when called (unless there is a squirrel to chase!).


Fido has loved being part of the family (there were two children) but due to his fearfulness of strangers, that can turn into aggression, the children could not take Fido out without an adult present. 

Fido knows basic commands (sit, wait, go, paw) and really enjoys being trained and ‘working’ for a treat. He’s a bit rubbish at ‘fetch’ though, so far!


A change in personal circumstances means Fido has moved to a small flat in the city and the children’s friends are becoming men (with deep voices, which make Fido nervous).

Fido is looking for a forever home in a calm household. It takes Fido a long time to get to know and trust somebody, but once he does, he is your friend for life, and loves to be stroked, petted, talked to… he basically just loves to be loved and to give his love back. 

Although Fido does enjoy long walks, he’s also happy with slow meanders around the block – so many interesting smells to smell! 

Fido can be left at home for periods of time and if he has something to chew on (a chew, a soft toy that he knows is his (his ‘baby’), it keeps him occupied, because he’s an intelligent dog. However, Fido does bark if a delivery person comes to the door, and tries to guard the home. If there are visitors to the home, the new family needs to be very aware that Fido will try to guard the home. 

It’s also important to understand Fido’s other reactivity triggers. If walking, Fido loves to say ‘hi’ to other dogs, but he doesn’t want people to lean towards him for a stroke, or even to stop and chat to his owner (although this can be gently managed with a reassuring voice and maybe a treat!). 

Fido happily lives alongside cats.

Fido would make an absolutely wonderful companion for somebody who has the time to make Fido a priority, is aware of his reactive, fearful nature, and wants a faithful, loving canine companion. 

Fido is in the HOVE, Brighton area.

Ad updated: 16.11.21.

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