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Harley & Sadie

All About Harley & Sadie: Harley & Sadie are father and daughter Labradors of 12 and 10yrs.


Harley & Sadie are in their foster home who have found them to be two wonderful characters and very much love each others' company.


Harley & Sadie are both very loving dogs and have settled extremely well in their new environment and love having a play around and certainly enjoy a fuss but equally enjoy down-time and like to lay next to your feet.  

Harley is a lovely boy, a typical Lab, easy going and happy.  Harley has epilepsy which is controlled by medication but a previous seizure has affected one of his rear legs and sadly he has some reduced mobility with some muscle wastage as a result. Harley  is very easy going and will need to build up his walks but he takes everything in his stride, like his daily medication without any hassle.  Harley's foster carer has been working on his mobility and it has improved significantly in the two months that he has been with her.  

Sadie is a great character and also a typical Lab: she enjoys her food!  Sadie is almost like a senior pup and loves her toys, a bit of tug of war and a belly rub. Sadie gets very excited to go out for her walks, but can be a bit nervous and vocal when other dogs run at her and invade her space but soon calms.  Sadie gets very distressed in a car so will need to be crated for any journeys but hopefully with some nice trips out, this will improve.

Harley and Sadie are looking for a retirement home together.

Harley & Sadie are in the SHERFIELD -on- LODDON, Hook area

Ad updated: 29.04.22

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