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All about Hooch: Hooch is a male Old English Bulldog (Registered with the New England Bull Breed Registry) of 3years.

Hooch is the friendliest dog and loves the company of children, animals and adults alike.  Hooch has been around children and other animals from birth.  

Hooch just loves being out and about and meeting new people and would suit a home that has  lots of activity with other animals.  As mentioned, Hooch has been around children since he was born but is so excitable that he will need a new home where the children are over 12yrs.


Hooch does have a behavioural issue, and that is around letterboxes and front doors.  Hooch tends to  jump up and grab the visitor's clothes and sometimes does not like to let go and this can be scary as Hooch is a big boy.  Hooch does not bite but can rip clothing.  This is managed in his present home, by meeting people outside of the home on a walk and then Hooch will pay no attention.  Hooch is fine when he knows the visitors to his home.

Hooch follows commands well but his recall can be terrible when around other animals as he loves playing. Hooch is very territorial around the home, but especially at the front door.  

Hooch is currently being assessed.

Hooch is in the Southbourne, West Sussex area.

Ad updated: 09.09.19, d.o.b. 02.06.16

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