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All About Kaiser: Kaiser is an Akita x Collie of nearly 4years 6mths.


Kaiser is looking for a new home without young children or visiting grandchildren and although he gets along with dogs outside of the home, he will need a home where he is the only dog.

Kaiser will also need a new home where his ongoing training is managed and further build on his confidence.   Also, with the breed, a good sized garden and plenty of exercise.


Kaiser is an incredibly loving dog with pretty much all people, walks can take alot longer than they should do due to him stopping every person he sees for  a tickle (or two!).


Kaiser's recall is unfortunately not good, he only goes off the lead to play with friends he knows and will stick with.  Kaiser is currently going through training for ignoring dogs whilst on the lead due to his fear reaction to some types of dogs, and is making good progress with using a halti collar to steer his attention away.  

Kaiser unfortunately does not like the vets, and will need to be muzzled for these trips.

Kaiser is  in the Bradford area.

Ad updated: 24.03.19, d.o.b 10/09/14

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