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Lacie & Poppy

All About Lacie & Poppy: Lacie & Poppy are a female JRT and Beagle of 9yrs and 10.5yrs respectfully.

Lacie:  Lacie, although an older girl, still has plenty of energy and is very active. Lacie is generally good on the lead but can be a bit pulley but this has improved considerably since introduced to a harness.  Lacie can be protective of her toys, but is also very playful with Poppy.  Lacie can be cry and bark when left.  Lacie is very affectionate and will sit on your lap to have cuddles.

Poppy: Poppy is more laid back than her best mate and would prefer a quieter life, but still has her playful moments. Out on walks she stays right at your side and will walk past dogs with no issues, but hesitant if they come too close.


Lacie & Poppy are looking for a new retirement home together.

Lacie & Poppy are in the MIDDLETON, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 19.09.20

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