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All About Lilo: Lilo is a female Collie cross Beagle of 8/9yrs.

Lilo is a very friendly dog, both with children and people but she has issues of resource guarding her food, and this is displayed around other dogs and so she will need a new home preferably as an only dog or where this can be safely managed.  Lilo has no issues of her human family taking food away from her.

Lilo suffers with some separation anxiety and is looking for a new home where she will not be left for long periods and where her anxiety can be worked upon.  Lilo is not destructive when left but vocal.

Lilo currently lives with children with no issues.

Lilo is a very laid back dog: she enjoys her walks but is equally happy to have a lazy day.

Lilo is in MORTEN MORRELL, Warwick area.

Ad updated: 03.01.22.

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