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Missy & Dude

Introducing Missy & Dude: Missy (Black and white) & Dude (Brindle and white) are a male and female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Labradors of 3years (brother and sister).

Missy & Dude have been living outside for a while and have not been getting the regular walks essential for proper socialisation, so further training needed in this respect as they can be reactive to other dogs on the walks.

Missy & Dude have never been around young children and so are looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years.

Dude is the dominant one and Missy is placid and quite aloof and looks to Dude for guidance and reassurance.

It is felt that once Missy and Dude's living arrangements improve and that they go for regular walks that they will be two lovely dogs and a lovely addition to any family

Missy & Dude are looking for a new home either together or separately.

Missy & Dude are in the Allenton, Derby area.


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