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All About Pip: Pip is a female French Bulldog of nearly 5yrs.

Pip is very laid back but can be jumpy at times through sheer excitement, especially when she sees her lead!  Pip can pull on the lead, but soon settles into the walk.  Pip prefers short walks.


Pip is crate trained but likes her crate to remain open so she can take herself off to go to sleep when she feels like it throughout the day, but it can be closed over night.


Pip has been well socialised with members' of the families dogs but not so with strange dogs on her walks, so help with her further socialisation needed.

Pip is very loveable and likes nothing more than to have a snuggle on the sofa and have her tummy tickled.


Pip likes to take a shower.

Pip is in the BOOTLE, Liverpool area.

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