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Introducing Rosie: Rosie is a female Jack Russell Terrier cross of 5years.

Rosie comes from an abusive home and was rescued by her current owners, who unfortunately cannot keep her as we have three other dogs.  Rosie had so many problems but has made lots of progress.

Rosie gets on with all the other dogs in the home but does struggle with strange dogs and this is the same with strange people, but Rosie is getting better all the time.

Rosie just loves affection and is so loyal, she likes to be with you where ever you go but she has been trained to be OK to be left for periods.

Rosie loves to play with a tennis ball, this tires her out, and she is very clever and attentive and such a character, she would make a loyal and loving dog for someone who understands Jack Russells.

Rosie has also lived with cats before.

Rosie is currently under assessment.

Rosie is currently in the Preston  area.

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