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All About Iggy: Iggy is a male Brittany Spaniel (a French Gun Dog Breed) of 3yrs.

If Iggy was to win the New Home Lottery it would be a large with 1acre+ secure garden with no other pets but with hedges and plants to sniff around and lie in the shade of, maybe even the odd mole to watch and flying birds to continually chase but never manage to catch (as he has never learnt to fly)!


Inside his home he would have his cosy bed (or yours) to laze away the days and he would never have to be stressed out by meeting another dog again.


At an early age Iggy was attacked whilst on the lead and as a result is very reactive to other dogs especially when walking on lead.  Iggy is less anxious in open areas on a long 20m lead where he feels less trapped and with recall training and positive reinforcement techniques. (Hotdogs work like magic).


Iggy will need an experienced new home, that knows how to live with a reactive dog.

Iggy has never been around young children and, as a timid dog, has been startled by ones screeching and running past in the park so is looking for a new home without any.  Older children however could be perfect with Iggy, he loves running and is clever enough to be taught agility or scent trailing (which is natural to him) and although not a cuddly dog he is very loving: greetings everyday with kisses on the nose and a wiggle fit to burst, with the eventual roll on his back for a belly rub.  


As is with the breed, he can be very timid especially with new people and reacts better to coaxing rather than correction.

Iggy is in the OLDHAM area.

Ad updated: 22.03.22

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