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All About Jackson: Jackson is a male Alaskan Malamute/Tamaskan cross Labrador of 6yrs.

Jackson is a lovely boy who is friendly, affectionate and active, and so is looking for a new home that will be able to meet his needs.  Jackson is a complete joy on walks and can cover a few miles and likes to go at a good pace, enough to get your heart rate up. Jackson may be a great dog for someone who likes jogging.  

Jackson is super intelligent and food mad so training him would be easy.

Jackson has previously lived with young children with no issues, but he is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years as he can be boisterous.


Jackson is overall good with other dogs and  gets along with some dogs, with careful introduction but, following a recent attack on another dog, Jackson will need to be kept on a lead at all times and will need to be the only dog in his new home. Jackson is currently being muzzled trained.

Introduction to new people needs to be on Jackson's terms as he does not like people that come straight up to him and come over the top of him. Usually if he does not want the contact then he will give a low but firm growl as a warning. On saying all of this, his favourite greeting is to jump up and lick the person's face of those he wishes to meet.

Once Jackson is settled in he is a lovely dog in the house and likes to sleep in his human's bedroom at night, if left downstairs be prepared to be woken in the early hours by his howling!

Jackson is looking for a new home preferably with breed experience that can cope with some initial howling but once he is settled and happy, this will happen only briefly, as its his way telling his humans that he wants something, food, toilet, walk, sleep or attention and Jackson's foster carer has said that it is not too much of a problem now he has fully settled.


Jackson is an intelligent dog so will need stimulating reward games.

Jackson has been described by everyone that meets him as a lovely boy and anyone adopting him will be very lucky, "he is just a gorgeous boy with a fantastic temperament".


Note from Jackson's foster carer.

"Jackson requires his new owner to understand loving leadership training, be consistent and patient. Jackson will require a good month to settle properly in your home. Jackson is a lovely boy, who adores food, and will do anything you ask if foods involved. He enjoys playing with his toys, and enjoys playing fetch for short periods of time. Jackson is very intelligent, but with it does come an element of willfulness. He enjoys being in your company, and once settled with you enjoys time by himself. He loves spending time in the garden, he enjoys sunning himself in the spring sunshine. Jackson prefers humans to his own kind and, with time and patience, Jackson will become an incredible loyal and trusty friend.

I will be happy to speak with you in more detail about Jackson."

Jackson is in the RHONDDA CYNON TAFF, South Wales area.

Ad updated: 04.07.23.

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