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Koda & Ishca

All About Koda & Ishca: Koda (with floppy ears) & ISHCA are male and female German Shepherds of 16months


Both Koda & Ishca are good with people and children but can be reactive with other dogs and cats.


Koda is the more laid back of the two and Ishca is a little more nervous, eg sometimes crossing roads. They are both lively young dogs with characteristics you would expect from German Shepherd breed.


They are natural guard dogs and will let you know immediately if there are any unusual noises etc around the home or garden but have been conditioned against noise such as fireworks and went out walking all through the recent fireworks night with no issues.


They will both require ongoing training around other dogs so they are looking for their new home no other pets and can be rehomed separated if needed.


Koda & Ishca are energetic dogs and will need a family able to provide adequate exercise and stimulation.

Koda & Ishca are in the BIRKENHEAD, Merseyside area.

Ad updated: 20.11.22.

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