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All about Rico: Rico is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Lurcher of 4years.


Rico is good with other dogs but can be reactive whilst on his lead but it really depends on the other dog, he can either walk by quietly or bark back, as the case may be, but not aggressively.  Rico is the only dog in his current home but plays well with a family member's dog.  Rico will need slow and controlled intros to any new dogs.  

Rico walks well on the lead with minimal pulling.  Rico has not really been off lead so may need work on his recall but, as he responds well to treats, he would be great to train.  Rico travels well.

Rico is good with children.

Rico has no history of living around cats.

Rico has some separation anxiety and so will need a new family where he is not left for long periods.  Rico can be destructive when left so will need crate training.

Rico craves attention and just loves human company and would make a great addition to any family.

Rico is in the South Normanton, Derbyshire area.

Ad updated: 23.03.19.

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