All about Rocky: Rocky is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrrier of 7years.

Rocky deserves a loving home and he would fit into any household and has so much love to give.  Rocky enjoys his walks; he can pull and is not keen on other dogs although he has lived with another whom he loved dearly. Rocky is reactive to other dogs and will pull towards them, even though his tail is wagging constantly. Rocky loves toys, he loves to play. Rocky is super cuddly and loves to snuggle up to you all the time; he will put his paw up and look at you with his big sad eyes.

Rocky is fine to be left, he is house trained and can usually be found snuggled up on the sofa. Rocky is a super dog; he is well behaved, not over excited and a joy to be around. However Rocky would not like to be left for hours and would not suit a full time worker

Rocky will bark to let you know somebody is at the door and will bark for a few minutes once somebody has come home, this is probably excitement as he loves human company.

Rocky is currently in a foster home.

Rocky is in the Stafford area.

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