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All About Ruby: Ruby is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 5years.

Ruby is good with children and enjoys their company.


Ruby is dog aggressive and will bark and lunge at other dogs if they get close on walks or if she sees them at a distance, so further socialisation and work needed in this respect.  Ruby can be strong on the lead, so a competent handler a must.

Ruby is not cat friendly.

Ruby travels well and is fine to be left for periods without issues.

Ruby’s affection levels towards most people is intense so she is looking for a new home where this would be welcomed.

Ruby can be protective of her new home, especially so when she has not met new visitors, so she needs time to adapt to new people and precautions need to be place.

Apart from her issues, Ruby is a lovely girl and needs a family that is experienced with the Staffie breed and willing to give her the time and commitment for her further training and socialisation.

Ruby is in the RAINHAM, Kent area.

Ad updated: 27.07.21

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