All About Sasha: Sasha is a female Border Terrier cross of 11months.

Sasha can be a naughty little girl and has food aggression and has a nipping history, so is looking for a new home where there are no young children or young visiting grandchildren.

Sasha is not great with other dogs, so she is looking for a new home where her further socialisation can be worked on.

On a recent home trial, Sasha was found to be very challenging and got hold of many things that she should not, so she also has some resource guarding issues. 

Sasha is also not housetrained.

Sasha will need a very experienced new family that has the patience and ability to help her with the training and socialisation that she has sadly missed out on thus far.

Apart from all the above, Sasha is a lovely girl, she just needs some help to get her where she needs to be.

Sasha is in the PRESCOTT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 03.09.21