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All About Sasha: Sasha is a female Border Terrier cross of 2yrs.

Sasha can be a naughty little girl, but very charming with it but has some food aggression and has a nipping history, so is looking for a new home where there are no young children or visiting grandchildren.

Sasha is OK with other dogs and is currently living with three others who she is very timid with.

Sasha loves her walks and is very strong on the lead but this is being worked on. Sasha is very speedy but is fab with her 'come' commands.


Sasha is a very sweet dog but such a monkey - an adept opportunist thief, who likes to play chase me when she has stolen anything left within her reach.


Sasha really is a lovely dog, she can be a handful though: so excitable and full of life, really energetic and fast and playful and bright.  Sasha's foster carer feels that she needs a focus and  plenty of exercise and that she may excel in agility training perhaps.


From Sasha's foster carer:

"This little soul hasn't had the best start but after just 2 weeks in foster care she's showing herself to be a clever lady!   She's know's her basic commands and is 99% housetrained... only the very occasional accident.


She is active & needs to be, she""ll thrive on long walks and even perhaps agility, she has a sharp brain & responds to treats for trades (she likes playing 'chase me' with things she takes a fancy to) and training rewards. 


She's very loving and enjoys cuddles and belly rubs, especially after a good walk & her tea...


She will need ongoing training, she so deserves a chance..  she will make someone a fabulous loving companion."

Sasha is in the Stoke-on-Trent area.

Ad updated: 28.07.22

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