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Suki & Kensi

Introducing Suki & Kensi: Suki & Kensi are a German Shepherd Cross of 6years and Kensi is a Nepalese cross of approx. 5years.

Suki: Suki has a lovely temperament and is very obedient, she loves to walk and run and could do this for hours, she walks well off lead and has good recall.  Suki loves to swim and play with a ball or stick and likes a bit of attention but not really a cuddler. 

Kensi: Kensi also loves to walk but is less about running and more about exploring and investigating. Kensi has a lovely temperament with all people.  Kensi can become reactive around other dogs, particularly strong females, so further socialisation needed in this respect. Kensi also does not have great recall. Kensi loves to cuddle and play with people and will spend the whole evening snuggling if she can.  

Suki & Kensi play really well together and could not be separated as they have spent every day together for the last 5 years and are very bonded.

Suki & Kensi are looking for a new home that can offer them the space they require.

Suki & Kensi are in the Darlington  area.

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