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All About Thud & Saxon: Thud & Saxon are male Dogue de Bordeaux cross Rottweiler brothers of  3yrs.


Thud & Saxon have lived with together since birth and would like to find their new home together but they can be rehomed separately, if necessary.  Thud & Saxon have not had a great deal of socialisation apart from on dog walks and when they have met other dogs they just want to play.  Saxon & Thud have been raised with a cat and were very gentle, he was happy in their company. Thud & Saxon have lived with children, the youngest being a 9yr old and have been very good with them but as Thud can be quite boisterous, they are looking for a new home without young children.  Both Thud & Saxon are well behaved dogs but are not used to car travel.  Thud & Saxon can be left without separation anxiety and they have no issues as they are left together and were left for long periods


THUD: Thud is an outgoing confident dog who enjoys going for long walks and exploring new places. Thud enjoys playing with people, his rope toys and his bones and loves skidding in the snow.  Thud can still sometimes chew things he should not and have selective hearing so will need a firm family member.    Thud is good on a lead.


SAXON: Saxon enjoys nothing more than to give hugs and to be hugged, he mostly likes to have his ears stroked to relax and soothe him.  Saxon is sensitive to sounds and finds new sounds intriguing.  Saxon loves to hear singing but most likes to be sang to however he does not like sudden loud sounds. Saxon likes playing with small toys (teddies & balls) and going for walks in the woods.   Saxon has some anxiety issues as he was the runt of the litter and is initially nervous and timid around new people and this can either manifest as hiding or growling, although he has never been aggressive towards anyone.  Saxon can pull on the lead but nothing out of control.

Thud & Saxon are in the LONGSTANTON, Cambridgeshire area.

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