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All About Winston: Winston is a male AmStaff cross AmBull of nearly 2yrs.


Winston is a wonderful boy with a great temperament: he is very loving and likes nothing more than physical contact and cuddles with his humans. Winston loves his kong and has recently learnt to swim which he adores.


Winston does NOT like cyclists and he can become quite aggressive and has been kept on the lead for the last 3 months. Winston also does not like young children and so is looking for a new home where there are none and no visiting grandchildren.


Winston is brilliant with other dogs, particularly ones that like to play fight (he could do this all day) but he can be boisterous and over exuberant and so needs to be put on a lead to calm him down on occasion. Winston has good recall but can sometimes have selective hearing when playing with other dogs.


Winston is very strong and therefore needs an experienced family who can show him firm consistent leadership and control as well as lots of love and patience.


Winston has some anxiety issues, particularly near roads and traffic, so walking in a busy street can be very frightening for him and so he will need a new family that is prepared to continue to work with him on this and improve his lead skills.​


Winston is an intelligent dog and responsive to training once trust and strong leadership is established, although he can be stubborn!​


Winston is on a grain and dairy free diet as he is prone to sensitive skin.


Winston does not like cats.​

Winston is in the ALDERSHOT, Hampshire area.

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