All About Winston: Winston is a male AmStaff cross AmBull of 11months.

Winston is a wonderful boy with a great temperament: he is very loving and likes nothing more than physical contact and cuddles with his humans. 


Winston is desperate to be friendly and play with every dog he meets but can become very exuberant and does not realise his own strength and so will need continued socialisation with other dogs.


Winston is very strong and therefore needs an experienced family who can show him firm consistent leadership and control as well as lots of love and patience.  Winston has some anxiety issues, particularly when it comes to traffic, so walking in a busy street can be very frightening for him and so will of course need a new family that is prepared to work with him in his further training on this and improve his lead skills.  

Winston is an intelligent dog and responsive to training once trust and strong leadership is established, although he can be stubborn! 

Winston is on a grain and dairy free diet as he is prone to sensitive skin. 

Winston has no history of living with either children or cats. 

Winston has not yet been neutered following vet's advice, which is at 18 months and so any family will be expected to sign a neutering contract.

Winston is very reluctantly looking for a new home owing to a significant change in health of his current humans which makes it impossible for them to continue to look after such a powerful, wonderful dog!

Winston is in the KNAPHILL, Surrey area.

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