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Alfie & Mia

All About Alfie & Mia: Alfie and Mia are a male and female crossbreeds of 10 & 8yrs respectively.


Alfie likes his walks, a plod along but sometimes gets a spring in his step, Mia also likes her walks and loves to have a longer walk.  Both Alfie & Mia are good with other dogs but do not like cats.

Both Alfie & Mia are goo with children.


Alfie is a loving and bubbly dog with a big personality and likes his toys and food! Alfie is a talker and loves fusses.


Mia is very wriggly and loving, she loves fusses as well as just chilling.  Mia enjoys to explore on a walk but will always stay nearby. Mia is a gentle soul, but talks to other dogs upon meeting with her tail wagging...her super-power is being able to stand on her back legs for a very long time.


Alfie & Mia are in the HOLBEACH, Lincolnshire area.

Ad updated: 02.04.23.

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