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 All About Archie: Archie is a male Labrador cross of 2.5yrs.


While Archie is adorable and would make someone a wonderful companion, he does need an experienced owner who understands fear reactivity.  Archie is at his happiest when he is playing and running about, although he loves sofa time and cuddles. However, his fear reactivity of some strangers, children and some dogs has meant that he has not been given as much exercise as he needs. Archie has had training to help with his anxiety and now he can walk past most strangers and dogs without an issue.


Archie loves to play with some dogs, particularly younger, playful females who do not overwhelm him. However, occasionally he is fearful of people or dogs and will bark.


Currently, Archie lives in a busy tourist area, so it’s difficult to find locations without a lot of people and other dogs and so, on a walk when passing small groups of people and dogs, he does not get stressed and will usually walk past without an issue, but if he is ‘bombarded’ by lots of people and dogs leaping at him, his anxiety will increase.  Archie is not keen on large dogs such as huskies and German Shepherds – this is likely to be because he was attacked twice in a week by larger dogs when he was just five months old. These incidents were the start of his fear reactivity, which hopefully will further subside as he grows older.


Archie is in his adolescent phase and his fear reactivity has improved substantially already.


Archie does have separation anxiety when left alone but is not destructive, this is being worked on and he has gone from seconds to now being left for thirty minutes – and occasionally more – without barking. When he is left with a relative’s two female dogs, he does not get anxious and settles quietly with them.  Archie is currently Fluoxetine to help him with his anxieties.

Due to Archie's fear reactivity he is looking for a new home without children.


Archie knows to sit, stay, paw, lie down and go to bed and has started clicker training for ‘engage/disengage’ and this has worked really well. Archie is an intelligent lad, but his recall can be ad-hoc if he finds something more exciting to do!  Archie's recall has improved with a whistle, and lots of praise and treats.


Archie loves the sea and water and enjoys a paddle on a river bank also. 


Archie is a really loving boy and ideally looking for a rural location with a good-sized garden, and an experienced owner who can continue his training and work with him on his anxiety. 


If you are looking for a cuddle-bug, who loves to play and will absolutely adore you, Archie will repay your kindness and care by being a wonderful companion, as he really is a beautiful young chap who deserves a loving and stable home.

Archie is in the BRIXHAM, Devon area.​

Ad updated: 21.01.23

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