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All About Arlo: Arlo is a male Cockapoo of 5yrs.


Arlo is a nervous dog and can be reactive to strangers, children, and other dogs. However, once Arlo gets to know someone he is very lovable.   Arlo can be suspicious of people coming to his home and does not like a forced interaction as he is a dog that likes to get to know humans on his terms and take his time.

Arlo likes some dogs but can be reactive to other male dogs.


Arlo is very playful and loving and generally very well-behaved and can be left without anxiety.


Arlo loves games and playing with balls and generally very content as long as he has had a good walk and when he is not playing he likes somewhere quiet to nap which he does quite a lot.


Arlo is looking for a quieter home where there are not too many coming and goings and, due to a nip/bite history, definitely one without young children.


Arlo allows his dog Groomer to cut his hair but does not like the Vet, so on occasions where this is necessary, he has needed to be sedated, so ideally he should be muzzle trained going forward.

Arlo is in the FAREHAM area.

Ad updated: 24.05.24.


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