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Introducing Badger: Badger is a male Pomeranian/Spitz cross of 6years.


Badger currently lives with another male Pom but they are not getting along, although Badger has lived happily with other dogs previously with no issues.

Badger is also uncomfortable around a toddler and baby in his home, and so is looking for a new home with no small children.


Aside from this, Badger is a lovely lad who is fine with dogs on walks who are not in his face and also lived for a year happily with a female Pom cross.

Badger has also lived with cats in his previous home but hasn't for 4 years so will need sensible intros.


Badger is happy when left and does not suffer from separation anxiety, rarely barks in the home and is a general joy to live with.


Badger and has lovely lead manners and good recall and travels well.


Badger is currently in Oxford.

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