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All About Bear: Bear is a male Dogue de Bordeaux of 16months.


Bear is an all round brilliant dog, he is amazing with children and currently lives with a 12 and 5 year old. Bear is also good with other dogs and just wants to play although he has never lived with one.


Bear loves long walks especially on the fields where he can run wild, jumping in and out of the long grass. Bear is very playful and will need  his own garden to have a mad half hour running-about doing zoomies. 

Bear would be best suited to a family who can spend time with him and where he is not left for long periods as he can suffer from separation anxiety and he can be destructive when left.  Bear just loves to be with humans and having a good fuss and most importantly loves his paws stroking. 

Bear is in the KIIMBERWORTH, Rotherham area.

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