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Bella & Willow

All About Willow & Bella: Willow & Bella are female Staffordshire Bull Terriers Crosses of 2.5yrs and 8months respectfully

Bella & Willow are looking for their home together as they are inseparable and share a very close bond. 


Both Bella & Willow are housed trained and well behaved, they have perfect re-call and understand basic commands as sit, stay - eat etc.  As mentioned, Bella & Willow have excellent  recall, so they do prefer to be off the lead to run and play and will return on the first call.

Bella & Willow live with a cat with no issues and are very friendly with people as they love human companionship and like to greet everyone during walks.

Bella & Willow are very friendly with other dogs on their walks.

Bella is still working on her Jumping up when greeting people as she gets very exited, however she will stop as soon as she is told.

Bella & Willow love to play together in the garden and can be left by themselves for a few hours no issues.

Bella & Willow are in the ATHERSTONE, Warwickshire area.

Ad updated: 05.04.21.

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