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Billie & Allie

All About Billie & Allie: Billie & Allie are female sister Salukis of 3yrs.  Billie is the darker of the two.

Billie & Allie do love each other but we feel that they can find their new home either together or separately.

Both Billie & Allie are great with children and are good with other dogs. However, they cannot be trusted with small dogs or cats.


Billie & Allie are both fine left for a few hours a day and are both crate trained and sleep in their crates overnight and when needing to be left.


Allie is very laid back whereas Billie is more giddy.


Billie & Allie are very affectionate to the point of needy, so they are looking for a new home where there are plenty of humans to go around to give them all the fuss that they need, but we think this will get better in a stable home environment.


On meeting other humans they just want to say hello but have no boundaries as they can jump up and Billie can show some guarding traits to her valued pack member, so will need an experienced family where this can be worked on.

Billy & Allie will need lead training as they can be strong on the lead, and have a very strong hunting/prey drive - Cats and squirrels beware! 

Billie & Allie are in Kennels in the PRESTON, Lancashire area.​

Ad updated: 01.09.22

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