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All About Billy: Billy is a male crossbreed of 4yrs.


Billy is originally from Romania and so very little is known about his past but when he arrived he was incredibly traumatised and had to be trained from scratch. With behaviourist input, Billy was trained on everything it means to be a domesticated dog in the UK and has since flourished.


Billy loves his home comforts and would sleep for days if he had a choice. Billy loves his food which can be to his detriment sometimes as he can quickly forget his boundaries so this needs close supervision and management. Billy loves people but we feel he needs to be in an adult only home or home with older chidren due to his food drive.


Visitors to Billy's home, used to be an issue but as long he gets a sniff at the door, everyone is welcome in the house. Billy will happily show off with his many tricks including 'sit', 'down', 'paw', 'spin', 'touch'.


Billy used to have severe separation but he can now be left for five hours as long as he gets a scatter of kibble and classic FM left on the radio. Billy is currently on  Fluoxetine to ease his anxieties but we are confident in a stable home he can be weaned off this.


Billy is great out and about and walks very well on the lead but has no recall so can only go off lead in enclosed areas.  Billy is not phased by busy traffic and paths and he does not flinch at sirens or fireworks. Rain however, absolutely terrifying!


Billy has mixed reviews about other dogs, he is not reactive to them and generally tolerates most dogs but likes to bark at some of the bigger dogs.  Cats, again mixed reviews. Given his excitement when he sees dogs outside his home, it is unlikely he could live with one unless it was already confident and used to dogs.


Billy does not currently travel well in the car as he gets car sick, however he is given medication for this which has solved the sickness and with more training, we are confident this can be worked on further. 


Billy is looking for a new home that can continue with his training and where he is guaranteed endless tummy rubs and live without a care in the world. 

Billy is looking for a new home where any children are of teenage years, as he is obsessed with food and can be greedy and snatch anything he can get his jaws on!.

Billy is in the South London area.

Ad updated: 28.06.22.

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