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All About Coco: Coco is a male Cockapoo of 2.5years.

Sadly, Coco has been returned to us twice now due to bite incidents.  It should be noted, that prior to being re-homed, Coco had no bite history with his original family.

Due to Coco's bite history, he is looking for a new home with no young children, see below for the background and explanation of his bite history.  


Coco has resource guarding issues and so will need a new home that has some experience and lots of confidence with dogs.

Coco loves to play and has lots of energy, so he is looking for a new family that can keep up with him!  We feel that Coco would flourish in a home with another dog, either of equal size or smaller.


Coco also suffers from Separation Anxiety, and so is looking for a home where he will not be left for long periods and where this can be worked on.


Coco is a very loving and loyal boy and just needs the right family that have understanding and patience with dogs.  

Coco is looking for a family that will respect his space and work with him and not against him by making challenges and one that is able to apply some common sense to dog behaviour and issues.  An older couple may be best suited for Coco and certainly a family that will take guidance from a Rescue Rep. and his foster carer, if and when needed.

Coco is currently in his foster home, where he has been for a week, and no adverse behaviours have been displayed and he has settled well but it should be noted that the foster family are vastly experienced and knowledgeable about dogs, so of course this has some impact on what Coco feels able to get away with.

Whilst with his foster carers, Coco has been learning right from wrong, with a simple "No" and he is reacting well to being guided by them.  This of course needs this to be continued with any new family.

Coco is also having lots of fun with daily walks with some new found doggy friends and, as mentioned above, we feel he would greatly benefit from another dog being in his new home.  Coco's foster carer is also brushing him daily and also a groomer is making regular visits, so as to build his trust and to finish off his well needed groom, they are both able to handle him without growls or bites but of course it is just knowing his current limits.


Coco's foster carer is also working on his separation anxiety and he is doing really well, he is being left for short periods with "no moaning or barking".


LATEST UPDATE: After finding what was believed to be Coco's forever home, he has once again be returned to us. Coco spent the first three months with no issues and was enjoying his time with his new family.  

However, Coco was taken to the groomers where he spent an inordinate amount of time being shaved due to matting, sadly over two hours.   This caused distress and anxiety for Coco and, as a result, he lost all trust in his family and reacted with snapping and bites: one bite whilst being disturbed while sleeping and the other whilst his harness was being put on.  

We believe Coco may have been in some pain after the grooming session and the harness had been causing some discomfort and therefore he simply did not want it to be put on him.  It should be noted that Coco's foster carer, is not now using a harness but a slip lead, and is faced with no issues from Coco.


Once Coco was shown fear he used it to his advantage and was unable to settle again. Coco was returned to his foster home.  

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Coco is being returned to the Rescue after a recent failed rehoming. Sadly Coco was with the family for less than a week and his space was not respected by them and his paws were cleaned and gloves were used in the process.  Coco does not like his paws being touched and being fully aware, hence the gloves, they thought this would be OK.  Well it was not and so this caused Coco to bite.  A second bite did occur in the this home, Coco was petted whilst asleep and this startled him.  

Coco has been previously assessed by a trainer that works with lots of Rescue dogs, both his report and a report from his foster carers will be available for Coco's new family. This is not just the case for Coco, but OnThe Way Home provide assessment reports for all the dogs so that new families are aware of our dogs' past  so as to act as a guide for their future care.

Coco is in the BRISTOL area.

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