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All About Fudge: Fudge is a male Mastiff cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 5yrs.


Fudge is a lovely dog, who loves everyone and is very friendly.  Fudge loves to play all the time, his favourite things to do are play rope and ball.  Fudge is super giddy most of the time but does calm and settle once he has had a good walk and play.   Fudge loves lots of cuddles and sleeping in his human's bed.  Fudge loves to roll around and be silly.  Fudge loves being outside and he could sit in the sun all day. Fudge is very noisy and likes to watch out for people and barks at them from the garden. 


Fudge adores children and currently lives with a 9 and 13yr old but, as he is so bouncy and giddy, he will not be suitable to be rehomed where there are any oddlers.

Fudge is dog friendly apart with other Staffies, after being attacked by one.

Fudge currently lives with three cats.

Fudge loves the last bit if a cuppa tea he always waits and stares  until he gives a drop.

Fudge can be left with no separation anxiety.


Fudge is in CALDERDALE, West Yorkshire.

Ad updated: 29.04.23

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