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All About Gromit: Gromit is an Old American Bulldog of 2.5years.


Gromit is obviously a very handsome chap, and seeks a new home without children or visiting grandchildren.

Gromit has been in foster care for some months now and he has had help with his training and his socialisation.  Gromit is coming along beautifully and now mixes well with other dogs, although he can still be fussy about the dogs he chooses to like on his walks, but never in an aggressive manner and is fine after introductions.

Gromit will need a new family that have knowledge of breed, as he is always up for rough play but with no malice but he is tough lad.

Gromit is excelent in the house and can be left without destruction. Gromit is  good with commands and good on the lead.

Gromit is in foster care in the Paddington  (Wellingborough) Northants  area.

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