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Jackson & Kizzy

All About Jackson & Kizzy: Jackson & Kizzy are a male and female Alapaha Bulldogs of nearly 5yrs and 3yrs respectively.

Jackson & Kizzy have been in kennels for a few weeks now and both have settled well and really come along: they are now ready for their new homes.

Jackson is a nervous boy and a little unsure of strangers, it takes time for him to warm to new people so will need a new family that can help boost his confidence and give him the time and space that he needs.

Kizzy is also nervous and wary of new people and likes to keep her distance initially, once she is happy she is warm and affectionate and "an absolute darling".

Both Jackson & Kizzy can be left without any issues or destruction.

Jackson & Kizzy are not keen on other dogs, so will need a new family happy to help with their further socialisation.

Jackson & Kizzy are looking for their new homes either together or separately.

Jackson & Kizzy are in the PRESCOT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 17.03.22

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