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All About Lucky: Lucky is a female Dalmatian cross Weimaraner of 14months.

Lucky is still very much a puppy and has bags of energy and so is looking for a new family that are active and can keep up with her!

Lucky currently lives with young children but, due to a multiple bite history, she is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years, 16plus.

Lucky can be seen in the photos with her mother and family in her home but she can be reactive to some dogs on the walks but enjoys playing with dogs that she is familiar with.

Lucky has lots of love to give to the right family and is extremely affectionate and loyal and she will be like your shadow.


Lucky can be nervous and scared of strange people, especially visitors to her home, and so she will need the right home that can help her with her much needed training and socialisation.

Lucky is looking for an experienced home that has lots of time to spend with her and taking her for lots of walks.  Lucky suffers from severe separation anxiety and so will need a new home where she is not left at all initially so that that this can be worked on.


Lucky will need to be adopted on a neutering contract, which will be organised and fully covered by the Rescue.

Lucky is in the BEVERLEY, East Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 08.01.22, d.o.b. 00.10.20

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