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All About Luna: Luna is a female German Shepherd of 1.5yrs.


Luna is a Romanian dog, who has had a troubled past and not had the best start in life.  Luna's owner left her with her elderly mother to look after who had mental health issues and so kept Luna in a small cage outside where she could barely turn around and did not feed her, this was Luna's life before the mother took her own life. Luna was then sent to the public shelter, where she remains until we find either a foster carer or her new home.


Despite Luna's appalling life thus far, she remains a very friendly and loving dog who craves human company and affection


Luna is getting used to being on a lead and harness but training in this respect will need to be continued in her new home.

Luna is dog and cat friendly.

Luna is a strong dog, so will need a capable family.

Luna is currently in Romania.

Ad updated: 15.06.23.

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