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Introducing Milo: Milo is an Akita of 7years.

Milo walks only on lead and enjoys short strolls and is very well behaved, as he walks to heal.  Milo has had hip dysplasia since a puppy, which is noticeable but does not cause him much discomfort and he does not require any medication.


Milo is initially nervous of strangers coming into the home but quickly warms to them and enjoys their attention.


Milo has not been well socialised with other dogs or cats and is also not used to young children - he is not aggressive towards other dogs and remains calm when he sees them, but will give a warning growl if large dogs approach him and ignores smaller dogs but is very anxious if another Akita approaches him as he was attacked by one in the past.


Milo would prefer an adult only, cat and dog free home where he can enjoy a quiet life. Milo can be left with no SA, travels well and is very affectionate.

Milo is in the Watford area.

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