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Introducing Molly: Molly is a female KC reg. Cocker Spaniel of 3.5years.


Molly is an ex working Gundog, but is not cut out to be one as she is too timid and so she is looking for a new home.

Molly, as can be seen, is a little cracker, with no issues at all, she simply loves people and other Dogs. Molly has no food aggression and will happily share a bowl of food with other dogs as this is how she is currently fed, Molly is in kennels with eight others and they have a communal area where they can all go to socialise so no issues with other Dogs.

Molly is looking for a new family that is active and, as she has spent her entire life in Kennels, some understanding and one that is fully prepared for her house training but Molly is clean in the kennel so this should not take too much.

Molly  is ball mad and will fetch a ball to you all day long and knows all her basic commands and is very loyal


Molly is in the Reeth area of the Yorkshire Dales.

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