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All About Relish: Relish is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross German Shepherd of approx of 16months.

Relish is a lovely boy and still very much a puppy, and is very strong in play but learning doggy social etiquette, which will need to be continued in his new home.

Relish is a lovely boy who listens to all his commands like sit, lay, roll over etc and enjoys learning new things.

Relish is ideally looking for a new home where there is another dog, so that he has a playmate and continue learning.

Relish is a really affectionate boy with everyone and just loves a cuddle. Relish will need a good amount of stimulation and exercise but as long as these are provided, he will be a very laid back and calm boy around the house.


Relish suffers from separation anxiety and, although he is improving all the time, he will need a new home where his family do not leave him for long periods.

Relish is in the CROYDON, London area.

Ad updated: 12.09.20

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