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All About Ruby: Ruby is a female Staffie of 6yrs.

Ruby can be anxious and reactive towards other dogs that come close to her on walks and is currently walked on a muzzle as a precaution, but does have some doggie friends and is friendly towards puppies, so further socialisation needed in this respect.


Ruby is very good with children and babies, although is exuberant and bouncy around them.


Ruby is not used to living with cats.


Ruby is an anxious girl who is frightened of sudden noises and certain objects like brushes and mops, but does not have any separation anxiety when left on her own for up to 6 hours.


Ruby walks well on lead and if in an area away from other dogs can be let off lead with good recall.


Ruby travels well.

Ruby is in the Burton -upon- Trent.

Ad updated: 31.07.19

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