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All About Sunny:  Sunny is a male Cane Corso of 6yrs.

Sunny is currently being cared for a foster carer and is doing very well.

Sunny will need a capable family as he is a strong boy and can pull on the lead.

Sunny has been trained very well and, so he is a very obedient boy.  


Sunny is good with both children and adults.

Sunny is good with other dogs and is said to have been excellent off-lead when with his previous owner with good recall.

Sunny is a good traveller.


Sunny is crate trained.

Sunny loves playing with balls and will happily release to play catch. 


Sunny hates cats.


Sunny absolutely loves being fussed, rubbed and praised and is a big softy at heart.

Sunny was rarely left with his previous owner so he is ideally looking for a new home where he will be left for a minimal amount of time.

Sunny has had an operation for kidney stones and he has now recovered very well but will need to maintain a special diet for the condition, Purina, Proplan.

From Sunny's foster carer:
"Sunny is so very loving and affectionate. He really adores his people . He needs a home where he will have company most of the time. He loves a ball or a kong that he can carry around and have a good chew on and also play fetch with. He enjoys a nylobone as well. He will pick up a toy and greet you with it when you come in. He s very food orientated and will do anything for a treat which makes him very trainable. As you would expect he is a good guard dog and will alert by barking if he perceives a threat. The twice he’s been to the vet he’s been as good as gold being examined and treated, they’ve commented what a lovely dog he is".

Sunny is in the MONTPELIER, Bristol area.

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