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Sven & Ellsa 

All About Sven & Ellsa: Sven & Ellsa are male and female Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 9yrs & 8yrs respectively


Sven and Ellsa have very recently lost their dad, they were his constant companions, loyally remaining by his side until he was discovered.  Both Sven & Ellsa have been greatly shaken by the experience.


ELLSA: Ellsa (with the white parting) is a sweetheart but quite quiet and timid until she gets to know you.  Ellsa loves her treats and smiles when she is excited. Ellsa does not like cats or strange dogs. Ellsa does not like being cuddled around her neck and will let you know by giving you a moan. 


SVEN: Sven has a lovely friendly nature, he does have a habit of chasing his tail and this is something he has done for years, in fact the vet ended up removing a section as he was grabbing it and not letting go. When Sven does his spinning Ellsa tells him off, she is the only one he listens to!. Sven is good off lead and stays close by. Sven and Ellsa can be left for short periods without separation anxiety or damage.  Sven does get more anxious than Ellsa,


The loss of their dad has turned their world upside down so the are looking for a family who can make them feel secure an happy again.  Sven & Ellsa are looking for their new home together.


Sven & Ellsa are in the STANLEY, County Durham area.

Ad updated: 13.08.23

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