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All About Tess: Tess is a female Patterdale of approx 1 to 2yrs.


Tess is very dog friendly but can sometimes be a bit choosy. 


Tess has been starved in her past so is very food orientated and greedy, but has no food aggression.


Despite her past, Tess is a very kind and loving girl and willing to please, she loves praise and is very energetic and loves her  walks.

Tess is looking for a new home without cats or small furries.


Tess can jump and knows very little boundaries, but will come to call.


Tess has previously lived outside but she is now house trained.


Tess is a sweet and lovely little girl and a great companion but will need an active owner.

Tess is in the STEPASIDE, NEWTOWN, Wales area.

Ad updated: 30.08.22

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