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Wilson & Blaze 

All About Wilson & Blaze: Wilson & Blaze are male French Bulldogs of 3.5 and 2.5yrs.


Wilson: Wilson is a strong boy so will need further training on a lead. Wilson is obedient and is excellent with people and children, in fact he can be a little over-excitable when meeting people.  Wilson is generally fine with other dogs but can be aggressive with the odd dog but he is easily distracted.

Blaze:  Blaze was the runt of the litter and sadly had his ear chewed by his mother. Blaze is a very affectionate and placid with people. Blaze is also excellent with children and loves to play ball games, he is an excellent footballer!  Blaze is great with training and listens to commands.   Blaze is not good with other dogs and can be protective of Wilson, which sometimes makes walking difficult, so further socialisation and training needed in this respect.  Blaze has bags of energy and loves sticks and fetching balls.

Wilson & Blaze are in the OLDHAM, Lancashire area.

Ad updated: 15.10.23, d.o.b. Blaze , 21.10.21

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