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All About Zola: Zola is a female Cane Corso of 3yrs.


Zola is very loving but has the natural Cane Corso guarding instincts, so will need an experienced and confident family.


Zola is fine with other dogs, often running up to dogs wanting to play but can be wary (not aggressive) towards some dogs as she has been attacked by dogs in the past.  Zola could live with other dogs but may be happier and more relaxed as the only dog in household. Zola is good off the lead and has great recall.


Zola would thrive most in a small, quiet household where she can relax and just be chilled.


Zola is very obedient and just wants to please and is wonderful dog and would make a great addition to the right family.

Zola is in the BRIGHTON, Hove area.

Ad updated: 26.02.24, d.o.b. 01.02.21

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