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All About Alice: Alice is a female Collie cross of 7yrs.

Alice will need a new home that has experience and ideally one that has previously had a reactive dog prone to nervousness of the outside world.  Initially Alice's issues were related to panic attacks when going out for walks and travelling in cars and she was fine with cuddles and affection from her family, she just showed some unease when touched in some parts of her body.


Sensitivities arose and she started being sensitive to other dogs at times, some noises and, after her mum fell pregnant, she started being reactive to people so she has a tendency to protect her family members.

Due to her anxieties and sensitivity, Alice is looking for a new home without children.

Alice, as a result of her unpredictability, has spent some months in kennels and everyone at the kennels has said that she is a very sweet and gentle dog, so maybe these anxieties and sensitivie developed in her home.


Alice will need a new home that can work with her to build her confidence and keep her mentally stimulated.  Alice can be a very sweet girl and loves to play ball and is happy to stay home alone for a few hours every day.


Alice is looking for a quiet home that can shower her with love and affection and show her that the outside world is not such a bad place.

Alice is in the CASTLE EATON, Swindon area.

Ad updated: 06.03.22.

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